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If they don’t have a smartphone, they can also access MyFluent by visiting our website www.myfluent.co.ukMy Fluent App

A broker introduced a mortgage enquiry he was struggling to place. The clients had credit difficulties and had been in a debt management plan for more than 2 years. Their combined defaults were in excess of £60,000.

Mr is employed, and works in Norway and is paid into a UK bank account. The clients were looking to downsize their current property and clear their debts, but still needed a mortgage of £100,000 over 12 years due to their ages at 53 and 58 years old.


The credit search discovered a new CCJ within the past 12 months that seriously hampered all options.

Initial Lender Search and Response

The initial response wasn’t great. However, after continuous referrals and persistence with arguments showing that the downsize in property value would clear all the clients’ credit commitments and outstanding defaults, our highly experienced mortgage adviser did manage to get an agreement in principle placed with one of our specialised lenders from our panel.


We managed to arrange a £100,000 mortgage for the clients on an initial 2 year fixed rate at 3.6% that was within the clients’ budget. Their impaired credit issues have been cleared and provided that they keep their profile up-to-date, we feel confident that we can obtain an improved product for the clients in 2 years when their fixed rate period completes.

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